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Make your living more spacious as you pull out the Clotheslines on washing time and once all clothes are dry the Clotheslines will wind back in to the unit cabinet out of your way and out of your sight. It is made of nylon strings so they won't mark or snag your clothes. It is a new generation concept for small modern homes/flats, having no or less space for drying clothes. It saves from direct rain showers so not to worry for clothes drying in rainy season and protects clothes from direct sunlight as well as reduces colour fading. A retractable Clothesline it is much more convenient to install indoors, on a balcony in the bedrooms, in the bathrooms, or absolutely anywhere else you would like to install it.

A. Measure the distance between the center of the two holes with the help of scale and mark the same on wall.
B. Drill and fix screws on the wall. The distance between the wall and the head of screw should be 5mm (approx).
C. Fit the main unit on the wall.
D. Fix hooks on the opposite wall at the same height,11 to 12 inches apart, so that hooks are just inside the out string. 
E. Remove the lock and pull the string rod and clamp it on the hooks.
F. Before hanging clothes tighten string with the help of the gear knob and lock it to avoid sagging.
G. Remove the lock and release the string of the hooks to wind back automatically.
H. Dry heavy clothes on the side and lighter clothes in the center of the string so as to avoid sagging.
I. Do not put more than 12kg (approx) of evenly distributed load on the string.

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